Orson Scott Card
Additional Book Series


The Ender Saga
Ender's Game * Speaker for the Dead * Xenocide * Children of the Mind * A War of Gifts * Ender in Exile
The Shadow Series
Ender's Shadow * Shadow of the Hegemon * Shadow Puppets * Shadow of the Giant * (planned) Shadows in Flight
The Tales of Alvin Maker
Seventh Son *Red Prophet*Prentice Alvin*Alvin Journeyman * Heartfire * The Crystal City * (forthcoming) Master Alvin
Homecoming Sage
The Memory of Earth * The Call of Earth * The Ships of Earth * Earthfall * Earthborn
The Women of Genesis
Sarah * Rebekah * Rachel and Leah * (planned) The Wives of Israel
The Worthing Series
Capito * Hot Sleep * The Worthing Chronicle * The Worthing Saga
The Mayflower Trilogy
Lovelock * (forthcoming) Rasputin
The Pastwatch Series
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus * (forthcoming) Pastwatch: The Flood * (forthcoming) Pastwatch: The Garden of Eden
The Empire Duet
Empire * (forthcoming) Hidden Empire
Additional Individual Novels
A Planet Called Treason * Songmaster * Hart's Hope * Saints * Wyrms * Treason * Lost Boys * Treasure Box * Stone Tables * Homebody * Enchantment * Magic Street * Invasive Procedures
Unaccompanied Sonata and Other Stories * Cadography * The Folk of the Fringe * Maps in a Mirror * First Meetings * Keeper of Dreams